Monday, April 16, 2007

Oracle9i DBA -- Database: Fundamentals I (4)

Creating a Database


  • Redo Log Buffers, Tablespaces, Datafiles can be viewed details of the database defined by a template.

    1. None : remote login is not enabled

    2. Exclusive : remote login accessibility is exclusive

    3. Shared : remote login accessibility is shared

  • The maximum log file groups is specified in the MAXLOGFILES
  • The ORAPWD utility is used to create the password file.
  • Oracle Database Configuration Assistant is used for creation of the database. Oracle Enterprise Manager provides various administering tools. Oracle Database Migration Assistant is used to migrate from an earlier version of the database.
  • The various ways of creating a database are by using ORACLE Universal Installer, ODCA and the create database command.
  • These environment variable is needed to be set while creating a database. ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_SID, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, PATH, ORACLE_BASE, ORA_NLS33
  • In OMF %g -> Log Group names for Redo logs

    %t -> the tablespace name in data file name

    %u -> eight-character string that guardantees uniqueness

  • Create a database the instance must be started in the nomount mode.
  • Consider the characteristics of the data to be stored before determining the structure appropriate for your database, in order to:
    1. Minimize fragmentation
    2. Minimize disk contention
    3. Separate objects

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