Thursday, April 19, 2007

Oracle9i DBA -- Database: Fundamentals I (17)

Managing Privileges


  • System privilegea enable users to perform certain actions in the database while object privilege enables users to access and manipulate specific objects.
  • ALTER SESSION is a system privilege the information can be queried from DBA_SYS_PRIVS and USER_SYS_PRIVS views.
  • To ensure that system privileges allow access on all schemas except SYS the 07_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY parameter must be set to FALSE.
  • Oraenv is to switch between databases. Imp and exp are import and export. Sqlldr is for SQL*Loader
  • Execute privilege on a procedure is a object privilege the information can be gathered from ALL_TAB_PRIVS, USER_TAB_PRIVS, DBA_TAB_PRIVS
  • The Object privilege has a cascading effect. The System does not have any cascading effect.

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