Sunday, March 04, 2007

JAVA 認證心得 -- SCWCD 1.4 (2)

  • getAuthType() method of HttpServletRequest returns name of the authenticating scheme used to protect the servlet
  • invalidate() is used to expunge or invalidate a session object
  • The sendError method causes the server to generate and send an appropriate server-specific page describing the error

  • UnavailableException exception indicates to the web container that the servlet is either temporarily or permanently available

  • getLastModified method belongs to which HttpServlet interface
  • sessionCreated and sessionDestroyed are the valid methods of HttpSessionListener
  • HttpSessionActivationListener interface is designed to handle sessions that migrate from one server to another
  • getInitParameterNames returns names of the context's initialization parameters as Enumeration of String objects
  • taglib




    ! taglib id

  • The getResource() and getResourceAsStream() belong to ServletContext interface
  • session-config

    session-timeout1/session-timeout 1 min


    session-timeout0/session-timeout never expire

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