Sunday, March 04, 2007

JAVA 認證心得 -- SCWCD 1.4 (1)

  • HttpServletResponse.encodeURL()
  • findAttribute method Searches for the named attribute in page, request, session and application scope(s)
  • The Valid return types for doAfterBody are EVAL_BODY_AGAIN or SKIP_BODY
  • Fa~de pattern provides a layer between clients and subsystems of a complex system; shields clients from subsystem components, making the subsystems easier to use
  • The Default value for body-content element of tag library descriptor is JSP
  • Write the tag library descriptor element name that specifies that the value of attribute may be dynamically calculated at request time rtexprvalue
  • The two sub elements of taglib element are taglib-uri and taglib-location
  • Application jsp implicit object provides access to resources of the servlet engine (resources, attributes, init context parms, request dispatcher, server info, URL & MIME resources)
  • Instance variables are thread-safe if the servlet implements SingleThreadModel
  • isRequestedSessionIdFromCookie method checks whether the requested session id came in as cookie
  • The Valid values of transport-guarantee of user-data-constraint element of Deployment Descriptor are None, INTEGRAL or CONFIDENTIAL
  • transport-guaranteeNONE or INTEGRAL or CONFIDENTIAL/transport-guarantee


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