Monday, May 06, 2013


1. Take photo before send
2. if it is prime, the price will change soon, so be sure to use prime to purchase
3. Wait until last date than do cancel. It is fine that send it on the due day
4. Gift deposit only happen in the afternoon, so check that in the afternoon
5. Document which seller have good speed, use that
6. If one work, do multiple and quick, because it did work 
7. if not sure whether this one is work, wait until 6 work.
8. Check previous trade-in, do that again. 
9. Risk is the same, so do most profit first! 
10. Don't check ever when no new GC in at night, unless big $ is show up.
11. Only buy local disc. 
12. Amazon prime is safe. 
13. Search by UPS from Amazon

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